Securing GVM

If you’ve ever visited GVM, you’ve seen them. Those super stylin’ guys in suits, patrolling the mall and keeping us all safe. They’re the GVM security team and they have a new fearless leader! One of our very own mall protectors, Matt Valen, has been promoted to security manager.

Matt has worked at GVM for 5 years and is working on his degree in criminal justice. With eight years experience in armed private security, loss prevention management, and mall security- GVM is in great hands!
Can we brag about the rest of the awesome security team? Jace, Morris, and Philip have 40 years of law enforcement experience, 30 years of military experience and 20 years of security experience.

Our security team does a lot more than look good. They’re the ones who reunite you with your lost wallets and keys. And as for misplaced kids- well, they haven’t lost one yet! Getting some late shopping in and it’s already dark outside? Never fear, our security team is happy to escort you to make sure you get to your car safely.

In any tricky situation, they roll-up in 3 minutes or less- that’s why last year we had less than one shoplifting incident per store!

So next time you need to report an unruly mannequin, or just have a question, feel free to chat with these dapper gents!


Wishing you a safe and happy shopping day,

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